"Are you gonna bark all day, little doggie, or are you gonna bite?" -Mr. Blonde

Mr. Blonde is the main antagonist of the film Reservoir Dogs. He's depicted as being a clam psychopath who loves to torture people.


Victor "Vic" Vega is the real name of Mr. Blonde, making him the brother of Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction.

Prior to the events of the film, Mr. Blonde was serving a 4 year sentence for Joe Cabot and Nice Guy Eddie.

Not much else is known about Mr. Blonde.

Events in the filmEdit

Joe Cabot and Nice Guy Eddie hire Mr. Blonde after his 4 year sentence. They tell him they need him on a diamond robbery. They tell Mr. Blonde they give him a fake time card to keep his parole officer, Seymour Scagnetti, off his back.

Mr. Blonde is present with the other men at breakfast. He tries to explain to Mr. Brown that he's wrong about the song Like a Virgin.

While the diamond heist is never shown Mr. White claims Mr. Blonde went crazy when the alarms went off. He says that Mr. Blonde just started shooting innocent people left and right.

Mr. Blonde eventually shows up at the warehouse where Mr. White and Mr. Pink are hiding. He and Mr. White have some tension. Mr. Blonde then shows him a young cop, Marvin Nash, he kidnapped and put in the trunk of his car.

Mr. White, Mr. Pink, and Mr. Blonde then start to torture Nash that they keep tired to a chair. Nash tells them he doesn't know anything.

When Mr. White and Mr. Pink leave to help Nice Guy Eddie ditch the getaway cars, Mr. Blonde is left alone with Nash and Mr. Orange who is still bleeding out on the floor. Mr. Blonde then starts to torture Nash. He doesn't care whether Nash knows anything or not, he just likes to torture people.

Mr. Blonde cuts of Nash's ear with a straight razor. He then walks to his car and gets gasoline to set Nash on fire. Right before he's able to set Nash on fire, Mr. Orange shoots Mr. Blonde dead.

When Mr. White, Mr. Pink, and Nice Guy Eddie come back, Mr. Orange tries to convince them that Mr. Blonde was going to kill them and steal the diamonds for himself.


Mr. Blonde is shown to be calm in any situation. He is however, a ruthless psychopath. He feels no remorse or empathy towards anyone.

Towards the end of the movie, he tortures a young cop names Marvin Nash. Mr. Blonde explains he doesn't care about whats Nash does or doesn't know but that he just likes to torture people because it amuses him.

It's also shown that he has a problem with authority. Nash tries to explain to Mr. Blonde that he doesn't know anything and can tell his boss that he doesn't know anything. Mr. Blonde becomes angry with Nash and tells him that no one tells him what to do.



  • Vincent Vega † - Brother


  • Joe Cabot † - Friend
  • Nice Guy Eddie † - Friend
  • Mr. Brown † - Ally
  • Mr. Blue † - Ally
  • Mr. Pink - Ally


  • Mr. White † - Ally Turned enemy
  • Mr. Orange † - Ally Turned Enemy
  • Officer Marvin Nash † - Torture Victim